What do I need for the online invitation?

  • Your information (first and last name);
  • the date, time and place of the wedding
  • sections for the online RSVP
  • timeline (optional)
  • quality photos
  • you must also choose a website name

Where will my website be hosted?

Where your site will be depends on which package you choose. With the BASIC package, your web site will be on our domain, ie: www.mintbluebox.com/mywedding For ADVANCED and Custom Package, your own domain is included in the price. So: www.mywedding.com

Of course! Regardless of which package you choose, you name the site yourself. They can be both your first and last name, whatever your heart desires.

Designing and sending e-mails

For ADVANCED and CUSTOM packages, we also provide you with email design and bulk emailing. We design the email according to the website (and the invitation, if you ordered it from us). All you have to do is provide us with the e-mail addresses of everyone you invite (it is very important that all the wedding guests are informed and agree to share their e-mail with us!). Through a platform such as Mailchimp, we’ll send them formatted messages.

It is very good practice to send a save the date an electronic invitation, a reminder and a thank you note with a link to the website where all the wedding photos will be posted.

Where can I find colours and typography?

All packages include colour and font changes.

You can search for the fonts HERE. You can select two fonts. We suggest one more “special” meaning script or calligraphy and one “ordinary”.

Each color has its own code, called HEX, which is denoted by #, followed by six digits. Since pink is not the only one, we suggest that you review the colour palette HERE and provide us with the HEX code of your desired colours. We usually use two colours that complement each other.

If you do not have the desire or the need to change colours, then everything remains as per the demo you selected. If you place an invitation with us, we will automatically use the same colours and fonts.

Production time

The production time is 2-5 working days after the purchase receipt of all material and payment. The website can also be done in a shorter amount of time for an additional fee if agreed upon.

Can I purchase only the RSVP system?

Unfortunately, we currently only offer the website and the system in a bundle. Mainly because this is the only way to ensure proper functioning.

Website maintenance

With the BASIC package, we do not provide you with patches and maintenance after the approval of the website. For ADVANCED and CUSTOMER packages, we offer you repairs and maintenance until the wedding and post-wedding photos (if desired) and thanks.

Website and RSVP safety

In addition to the link to which you access the website, we also create a password that everyone must enter to access the application form. So anyone who shares your link and password can access your site.

How does the online RSVP work?

First fill out the online questionnaire with all the information we need, and then we will send you a webpage with all the information submitted and an application form. After the guest filles out the form, the application will be saved in the database.

Only you or anyone you share the  database with.

Yes, all fields in the application form can be edited afterwards. Guests can also be added manually.

Yes, wedding guests can sign up with an application form or you can add them manually.

A link to the website is written on the invitation or we create a QR code for you that is simply scanned with your smartphone. In the advanced package, we also design an email where you can also add a link.

Of course, you can choose whatever information you want.

Yes, the system automatically summarizes all logged-in and menu selections – no more manual aggregation.

How long will my website be active?

It depends on the package you choose. With the BASIC package, the website will only be active for 14 days after the wedding, while for the ADVANCED and CUSTOMER packages, the website will be active for 365 days from the start of the domain creation/lease. If you wish, it can be withdrawn sooner or later, with extra charge.


What are your payment methods?

All our orders are pre-paid.

We offer payment facilities using Visa or Mastercard on our online shopping cart on the website. 

Alternatively you can pay by direct deposit, however this can take up to 7 days to be cleared and processed.

I have a design already but I need help, can you help me?

We sure can… if you already have a design but it needs a bit of polishing, shoot us an email along with the artwork to hello@mintbluebox.com and we can help you out.

Prices for polishing up artwork start at 40€.

How accurate are the colours of your product images?

Every effort is made to portray our products clearly and accurately in all photographs. However colours can often appear different on different screens and the settings of your screen may affect how you view a product. For this reason, all colours viewed on screen are to be used as a guide only.

We do not accept responsibility for perceived colour discrepancies. In addition, colours may vary slightly due to the manufacturing process specific to each product. With paper and ribbon products in particular, different batches can have slight colour variation.

What are the differences between matte/smooth & metallic papers?

The matte/smooth stocks generally have no texture at all, either in the way they look or feel. Metallics are also known as “pearlescent,” which have a shimmery finish. The shimmer is subtle and is mostly noticeable when reflecting light. The feel of the texture is smooth.

I want a metallic/shimmer paper, card or envelopes, which brands should I look at?

Contact us and we’ll show you some paper swatches to choose from!

What is the difference between a wallet flap and an iflap?

Wallet flaps are rectangular with slightly tapered sides and rounded corners.
Iflap are pointed flaps which are triangular with a pointed corner.

I want you to print my invitations, what stock should I choose?

  • Recycled – have a look at our Eco Grande range (colours) or Botany Naturaliste.
  • Kraft – go for either the Botany Naturaliste or the Buffalo Board.
  • Metallic/Shimmer – choose the Glamour Puss Diamond White.
  • Have photographic images – choose either the Milkshake Snowball, Knight Smooth or Marshmallow Crisp White.
  • After the ever-popular watercolour look, pick either the Crane Lettra, Boston, Via Vellum or Gmund Colors.
  • Want texture – then try the Versa Felt, Coco Linen or Classic Linen.

Can I order samples?

Yes we do offer samples. Depending on your type of print the prices vary for sample products. Contact us for more specific information regarding your wishes.

Wax seals

Contact us at hello@mintbluebox.com to see all the colours of wax seals we offer. We can also find your own desired colour or mix some waxes up to create something custom. We can apply the wax seals onto your envelopes as an add-on the classic way or with self-adhesive wax seals.

What paper and envelope colours do you have?

We order and print all our products from Peterkin. You can see their ranges at their website or here. You can also refer to these colour names when picking your colours for your wedding invitation.

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